Saturday, September 29, 2012

Debuting the 18-week baby bump

I heard it just gets bigger from here...


Where have we been???

 It's been so long since I've written a post! Not that I have too many followers and to be honest, I'm not even sure who reads this but I thought I would update those that read this blog. :)

We FINALLY moved out of our serviced apartment after being there for close to a month. We found a place that is a 10-minute walk to K's office, close to the train station and about 3 stops to downtown. It's near a cool suburb that we can walk to that has tons of cafe's boutiques and interesting people watching. For those of you familiar with Seattle cities, it has that Capitol Hill vibe. So after moving in and somewhat unpacking, we took a trip home to the US. It was SO great to be back home (like always). Here were some of the highlights:

*Cody and Lindsay's wedding in Walla Walla, Washington*
Such a gorgeous wedding in a pretty farmhouse setting. The bride and groom were so beautiful and the wedding ceremony was so them: Sweet, heartfelt and genuine.

*My baby shower in Woodinville, Washington*
IT'S A BOY!!! On September 12th, my mom, Bob, Kevin and I attended my ultra sound to determine the gender of our baby. I thought for sure it was a girl. My friends, sister and mom thought so too. I was "pinning" girly nursery decor on Pintrest, saving ruffly little onesies to my favorites on Etsy... the list goes on. It was in my head this little baby inside me was a GIRL. Needless to say I had a big surprise when the tech pointed out his scrotum. That little boy was in thee perfect position for this ultra sound- spread eagle and showin off the goods. Typical boy, right? The shock has now settled and after shopping with mom the next day for some boy clothes, I am now ecstatic for this sweet, little boy to arrive.

It was so fun to be back in Woodinville where I got to relax with my family, catch up with friends and celebrate Baby Boy King at my baby shower at the Belarde's house! I was truly overwhelmed by the details and love that Jessica put into the whole day. Thank you so much to everyone for the CUTE and thoughtful gifts you chose for our little one. He is already one spoiled little boy!

Hershey's kisses to help celebrate the news. Thanks, Mom!

*Visit in Orange County, California*
The last stop on our trip was spent in Long Beach and Orange County. Kevin had a work event to attend to and I got to play. I was only there for 3-days but was good to visit friends, see my old stomping grounds and got to watch the Endeavor fly over Long Beach!!!

Me with two of my favorite girls: "A" and Erin; having dinner at Cucina in Irvine-a new favorite!!! So good to see you girls-Miss you xoxo (Photo taken by Heather and edited by Erin via Instagram).

Drinks and a catch up with Heather at one of my favorite place: Montage, Laguna Beach. Isn't this place Heaven??? I could stare out at this view everyday and never get sick of it. 

The Endeavor flying over our hotel in Long Beach. I promise- it was way cooler in person!

Well that's all for now!

Amy and Kevin