Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Nautical Nursery

A lot of my friends have asked for pictures of the nursery so here it is!

Bedding by Pottery Barn Kids (we still have to get a mattress!). Yellow and White Chevron Rug by Urban Outfitters. Baby Kangaroos and Koalas quilt made by Grandma Lolo. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star canvas sign by me (idea from Pinterest). Tissue Poms and bunting from Etsy. 

Nautical Pillows from friends. Stuffed bear and elephant from Auntie Honey and Auntie Kandyce. Star blanket from Cotton On.

Closet organization and Baby Kings clothes... can't wait to play dress-up!

This is a dresser that my mom used as a changing table for my siblings and I. Originally a brown wood but I refinished it white as a "Shabby Chic" dresser for myself and added some pink crystal knobs from Anthropologie. Now, the dresser will be used as Baby King's changing table. Knobs custom made and purchased off of Etsy. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

You know that feeling you get when you are at work and the day is dragging??? You know, when you are constantly looking at the clock?  You say to yourself, "at least 1-hour has past"... but really it's only been 10-minutes. Uggghhhhh! This is how the last few weeks of pregnancy are, but worse. I've organized the nursery, the house is in order, the hospital bags are packed, so now what?
(Shoot, I just remembered we do have to install the car seat in the car!).

We wait. 

I want to get out enjoy these last weeks of summer: Take road trips, explore Australia, long beach days. But I seriously have no energy or motivation. I am tired. This whole pregnancy has been smooth sailing and has whizzed by but not these last 6-weeks. Everything is on hold at the moment because "Little King's " arrival is so close. One week until his due date, to be exact. He is welcome to make his arrival now, if he wants. We are ready. 

My amazing friends here in Sydney threw me my baby shower... at a bar! It was awesome. It was so great to have everyone together in a relaxed setting. The pictures are to come back from the photographer soon! Yes, there was a photographer there! :) I'm so grateful to have such a fun, sweet group of good friends here.  I can't wait to see the pictures because some serious detail went into putting this together. 

Speaking of friends, a couple of months ago our group decided that we needed to start having "Family Dinner" once a week. It's such a fun way to break up the week and catch up. There is just one rule: We have to pick a different restaurant each time. No problemo. Sydney has SO many restaurants with any type of cuisine you can think of so it's been really fun. We don't discriminate either; we've had: Hot Pot, Teppanyaki, Moroccan and Lebanese, just to name a few. 
From left to right (clockwise): 1.) Best Coconut Hot Chocolate. Ever. At Max Brenner's. 2.) Chocolate and Strawberries at Max Brenner's. 3.) Valentine's Day Felt Fortune Cookies for Family Dinner.  4.) "Love is in the Air" on Oxford Street, Paddington.
Since Kevin and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day (everyday is Valentine's Day for us. Duh!) we decided to have last weeks Family Dinner a Non-Valentines/Valentine's Day themed dinner. Some of Kevin's colleagues visiting from overseas joined us so we had a mix of people-the more the merrier. 

The weather has been awesome here... no more 115 (F) degree days(!!!)... just pleasant summer weather. Here are some pics from the beaches we've hung out at in the past few week. 

Marubra Beach

Bronte Beach (one of our fav's)

That's all for now - hopefully we will have some bigger news to report in the next few days!