Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy 3-months to our little man

Look how big he is! I weighted him today and he's 16-pounds and let me tell ya-my back feels all 16 of those pounds when I lift this little/big guy up!

My mom gave me the idea to take a picture of him on the 28th of every month in his new Pottery Barn Kids chair to see how much he's grown, so here it starts. Btw... I'm super stoked we have a Pottery Barn, PBK, West Elm and Williams-Somoma that just opened up here :) We were at the mall the other day and saw they had opened up a Hollister too. Hello 7th grade! A little bit behind here but far more ahead of NZ and still exciting when an American store comes to the Australian shores.

Back to Decker...

Some fun things he's been doing lately-
-He's found his hands and likes to get in 'boxer' position and looks ready to fight any time of the day.
-He likes to suck on his fingers and hands and keeps them in a tight fist. (Those hands stink so bad!!!  I force him to soak them in the tub to get rid of that rotten smell).
-Decker's such a chatter box. All those cute coo's and baby noises are so sweet
-He started laughing!!!! I love this. But he only did it once a few days ago and now Kevin and I both bop around like jackasses in front of him trying to get him to laugh again. Guess we're not that funny.
-He has now doubled his birth weight
-He's still not sleeping through the night...uuugggggghhhhh!
-Decker continues to have such a sweet personality and is our little buddy. He hangs out and likes to be out and about with us and rarely cries. We are lucky.
-Decker will take his first international flight to L.A. with us on Wednesday!!! I'm clearly more excited than he is. Wish me luck on the 15 hour flight; hopefully he sleeps most of the way. Super stoked to see friends and family in California and Washington and have everyone meet Decker.

Look what I found at Williams-Sonoma here in Sydney!!! I am a cupcake FANATIC and for those who know me well, Sprinkles cupcakes are my absolute favorite. SOOO, when I found this cupcake mix I was quick to buy!

One of my favorite pictures to date. Grandpa Allan came to visit from Jakarta to meet Decker for the first time last week. If you can't tell, this is Kevin's dad. Those King genes sure are strong!