Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Afternoons with Decker {2-months}

Since Lil' D is going to be 3-months old this week, I thought I would post a few fav's from this past month. He is such a little sweetheart and a lot of fun. I can't wait for him to start laughing... I feel like any day it's going to happen. Now to only get him to sleep longer at night...

Play date on Jamie's rooftop deck, Coogee Beach, NSW, Australia
April 2013

All snuggled up to Daddy

Hyams Beach
"The Whitest Sand in the World" (according to the Guiness Book of World Records)

The many faces of Decker.
I love this face!!!

Out on an evening walk with Decker...
Sunset at Sydney Park (park across the street from our place)
April 2013

Monday, May 13, 2013

Great Barrier Reef {our first family vacation}

Weekly, I get emails sent to me from Jet Star Airlines advertising their sales on airfare (for those of you don't know, it's Qantas Airlines low-cost carrier). I usually delete them along with the other junk mail I receive but last month I decided to open it and check out what destinations were on sale departing from Sydney and I saw a good deal to Cairns. Cairns is a tropical city located in the state of Queensland and the holiday destination for tourists wanting to see the Great Barrier Reef; which I've been wanting to see since I was like, 12 years old. So, I picked some random dates to take a holiday and booked the airfare.

(The first words that came out of my mouth after I hit the 'confirm booking' button)

What in the world am I doing booking a trip to a place where snorkeling is the main activity when I have a 2-month old in tow? We went back and forth about canceling the trip but in the end we just decided to go. Partly because it was going to cost more in change fees from Jet Star than the actual cost of the tickets. But we want Decker to get used to flying and traveling with us so why not start now? I also thought it would be a good trial run for the long 15-hour flight to LA we're going to take in June.

Let me just say that I was one of those people on airplanes that want to enjoy my experience in peace and quiet. When I would hear a crying/screaming baby I would get so annoyed and think-"what is wrong with the parents? Why can't they shut their kid up?" I know, so unsympathetic. But now that I am a parent, I get it. Kids are so unpredictable.

So how did the flight go, you ask?

Amazing! Decker slept the whole time and was so good on the week long trip. I'm so in love with this baby boy.  And I did hear a crying baby on our short 3-hour flight up to Cairns and my first though was-I'm glad it's not my kid. Second thought was-I want to give that mother a hug.

Overall, our trip was really relaxing and it was interesting seeing a part of Australia that is so different to New South Wales (the state we live in). And the Great Barrier Reef? Beautiful. Kevin grew up in the tropics and named a few other places in the world where he thought the snorkeling was better but in my opinion the fish and coral were stunning.

And P.S.- So glad I snorkeled first! (We had to take turns so one of us could stay with Decker on the beach). When it was Kevin's turn to get in the water, I was expecting him to be out there for a couple of hours but he returned after 30 minutes and slightly out of breath. He saw two huge sharks! Yeah, I was done after that. However, after some convincing from Kevin that sharks are just like dogs and are 'curious' and due to the fact he snorkeled way further than I would ever go... I got back in the water just one more time. It was worth it.

Nice "General Warning" sign. I don't think I'll be swimming in these waters. Like, ever.
Trinity Beach, Queensland, Australia

These first-aide stands lined the beach. There is white vinegar in the bottles which you are supposed to rub on your skin if you are stung by a "Stinger" aka- Jelly Fish. 

More croc warming signs on a golf course at Port Douglas, Queensland

Green Island, Great Barrier Reef

Beauty inside the Kuranda Rainforest

A Drive-thu liquor store. Trinity Beach, Queensland

Delicious Mango and Mangosteen's. Tropical fruit is the best!

Kevin giving Decker an up and close experience with a Kangaroo

Barron Falls.
Barron Gorge National ParkKurandaQueenslandAustralia

Mango Trees

Little Mister discovered his tongue on our vacation. 

These guys are everywhere!!!