Sunday, April 6, 2014

Who needs a nap?

I used to love Daylight Savings come fall -time because that meant turning back the clocks 1-hour thus, getting an extra hour of sleep in the mornings.

I quickly learned this morning that when you have a baby in the house that extra hour of sleep doesn't happen.   I rolled over to see the clock reading 5:30 AM this morning when Little Mister decided it was time to start the day. I quickly scanned my brain for all the tips that I had skimmed through in the baby sleep books that I hate on adjusting your babies bedtime schedule leading up to Daylight Savings. I remembered nothing. I rolled over trying to ignore the little noises coming from the crib, hoping he would go back to sleep. 

I swear I spend 75% of my waking hours trying to figure out this kids sleep patterns. Since my mom was here we have him down to 1-nap a day which is so much easier! Yes, it gives me less breaks during the day but it's so much easier having the afternoons to go do something and for longer periods of time. You know what I mean if you have a baby that will only sleep in their crib. I used to have a 1.5/2 hour time slot during the day where I could sneak out to run errands in between naps. SO frustrating. 

Don't get me started on perfecting the perfect sleep environment. Trust me, before I had a kid, I never wanted to be that mom that had to tip-toe around the house when my kid was sleeping. But so help me, if the neighbors dog barks too loud or one more douche bag drives by my house with their muffler sounding like a dump truck driving by.... 

I'm going to admit this on this blog post because looking back it's funny but I haven't told anyone but my husband that I did this. One of my neighbors has this dog who, when let outside, barks and barks and BARKS. 

For hours at a time. 

I'm sure we've all had an annoying neighborhood dog but since I'm at home during the day and trying to get my kid to take good naps (please see above), it pissed me off! So I decided to write a note expressing my annoyance. It was a nice note that I neatly placed in their mailbox but looking back, it shouldn't have been so passive - aggressive. The funniest part about the note was that since I'm the "foreign" one around here, I wanted my note to seem like it could have been from any ole neighbor so I wrote the note using "Australian English" adding a "u" to neighbor (neighbour), etc. If I didn't do this, I was so afraid that this particular neighbor would notice that I was the American that wrote the note. Ha! Anyway, the note did the job. Uggghhhh, I've turned into that neighbor. Or should I say "neighbour"? 

OK, off to bed because I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get that extra hour of sleeping in tomorrow morning. 

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  1. Figuring out sleep patterns is a huge mystery. And as soon as you get it down they seem to switch it up on you! Your barking dog story reminds me of when we were in Napa, G finally fell asleep in his car seat and we walked into a restaurant and a woman started screeching and cooing at him and tried to touch him - it was all I could do not to take her out!